Q: Why Can´t Drug Addicts Quit on Their Own?
A: In the beginning, nearly all addicts believe that they can stop using drugs on their own, and most try to stop without treatment. However, most of these attempts result in failure to achieve long-term abstinence.
Research has shown that long-term drug use leads to significant changes in brain function that persists long after the individual stops using drugs. These drug-induced changes in brain function may have several behavioral consequences, such as the compulsion to use drugs despite adverse consequences -the defining characteristic of addiction.

Q: How long is the stay at Zurich Health Center?
A: Depending on the assessment from our team, the length of the stay will normally be 3-6 weeks.

Q: Do Zurich Health Center use the 12-step program?
A: Zurich Health Center does not use the 12-step program. We have our own and unique approach on how to help our client to end his/her addiction once and for all.

Q: I have tried other treatment places, but eventually I always end up relapsing. What is so different with Zurich Health Center ?
A: Zurich Health Center only treats one patient at the time, meaning all our resources are concentrated on you only. Secondly we focus on you as individual. In a first step we analyze your personal profile including job, interests, family and friends. Our holistic detoxification approach gives advice how to combine private and working life achieving the highest efficiency to break-free from any addiction.

Q: What forms of payment are accepted?
A: Zurich Health Center accepts wire transfer, credit card, and bank draft. Full payment is expected by the time of admission. Please find the appropriate information in the Home section under About.

Q: What is the success rate of the treatment at Zurich Health Center ?
A: Zurich Health Center is the true believer of the number 99. Meaning that we will be able to help/cure 99% of our client attending us. But the true fact according to statistics surveys is that there is 1 % that is very hard to reach, leaving in mind that compared to other treatment availble the success rate is at 5-10 %, which we find extremely poor of talent in ability to help those imposed out of their daily nightmares corelating to their addiction/addiction/depression. So YES, we can make the difference it takes to get the job done of helping our clients  out of their misery and back in to a state where control is totally regained.