Our goal for a chemically dependent client is first of all to regain control of the decision-making on how to be abstinent from all mood-altering substances, one day at a time.

In order to do so we to look at our client in its full:

- Physical

- Mental

As for the physical aspect, the client is staying at our partner hospital with a team of doctors, nurses and other medical staff. This stay will last for 2-4 days in order to have our client withdraw safely under professional supervision. It’s crucial to have constant supervision of our client to reassure that the retreat will be done with a minimum of discomfort and with the best of ease. During the withdrawal at the hospital, we will make a thorough and complete medical examination of our client, thus making an implementing treatment plan for the following weeks or months to come.

Our psychiatric team will make a detailed treatment plan as well, based on several interviews with our client. From our full evaluation, a detailed, customized treatment plan will be made. The treatment plan will determine the length of the stay, which is normally 3-6 weeks.

The next step is to have our client moved into one of our residences, in a range of luxury and discretely located chalets, villas, apartments, or to Hotel Baur au Lac.Our head therapist is staying in the same residence as our client throughout the stay to optimize the treatment’s efficiency.

In the residence of choice, a butler, master chef, housekeeper and driver will be at service for our client’s different needs.

During the stay, a typical day would include the following:

- Morning swim, jogging
- Breakfast
- Psychotherapy
- Personal training event
- Yoga
- Lunch
- Addiction therapy
- Physical training
- Lifestyle education
- Acupuncture
- Reflexology
- Late day event
- Massage
- Dinner

- Physical training

The real challenge for an addict is not to become sober. The real challenge is to stay sober after returning home. In order to regain full control over the alcohol, it is essential to recognize and admit the problem, which is the reason to the addiction.

An addiction does not only target the addicted, it has impact on the family as well.  To achieve a full and sustainable cure for the addiction, we include a family/relative/friend – program. The program’s duration varies between 1-3 days.

It is essential to complete the full program, for the client to succeed in a continuous well being after leaving the treatment at our clinic in the Zurich region.