Cocaine/Drug Addiction

There are many drugs which require a person to undergo what is called a "medical detox", because his/her body becomes dependent on that drug. Drugs such as opiates, benzodiazepines and alcohol cause physical addictions and a series of medications are typical used during the detoxification process. Cocaine detox works a little bit differently because it is more of a mental addiction. This does not mean it is any easier to detox from, in fact many people think it is even harder to detox from a drug that is mentally addictive than one that is physically addictive. This is because the desire to use cocaine continues long after the drug has left the bloodstream. There are a lot of mental instabilities which may be noted in people coming down off cocaine and these symptoms can also be treated with specific medications.

Our goal for a chemically dependent client is first of all to regain control of the decision making on how to be abstinent from all mood altering substances, one day at a time.

In order to do so we to look at our client in its full:



For the physical part our client is staying at our partner hospital with our team of doctors, nurses and other medical staff. This stay will last for 2-4 days in order to have our client withdraw safely and under professional supervision from the physical dependency of the alcohol. This will be done with constantly supervising our client in order to reassure that the retreat will be done with a minimum of discomfort and with the best of ease.

During the stay at the hospital we will make a thorough and complete medical examination In order to make a forwarding treatment plan. Our psychiatric team will as well make a detailed treatment plan based on interview with our client.

On the basis of the assessments we will develop a detailed treatment plan. The treatment plan will determine the length of the stay in Zurich, normally 3-6 weeks.

Next step is for our client to move into one of our residences, be it one of our luxury, and discretely located, Chalets, villas, apartments or to Hotel Baur au Lac. Our Head Therapist will move in with our client as well and will be staying there, together with our client, throughout the stay.

In the residence of choice will also be a butler, a master chef, a housekeeper, a driver and additional staff to attend our client’s different needs.

During the stay a typical day would include the following:

-Morning swim, jogging



-Personal training event



-Addiction therapy

-Physical training

-Lifestyle education



-Late day event


-Lunch & Dinner

The real challenge in treating cocaine addiction is not stopping using. The real challenge is to stay stopped after returning home. In order to regain the control over the cocaine , it is essential to recognize and treat the problem which is the reason to the addiction.

In order to achieve a full and sustainable cure for being addicted to cocaine , we include a family/relative/friend – program. The duration of this is set to 1-3 days.

This program is of high importance in order to have a client succeeding in a continuous well-being after leaving the treatment in Switzerland.